Naat with a Bollywood twist.

There was a time, decades ago, when the sound of a Naat used to give me goose bumps. Every time there was a Naat playing on the Radio, Tv, or in my school assembly, it was like an automated system for my head to bow down in gratitude to Almighty and cross my arms around my chest so hardly that I often felt suffocated. It was the immense effect of the words, and the deep voice that often sent the shivers down my spine. Just to keep the eyes closed and feel the words of any Nasheed was like a boost for mind and soul. However, over the past couple of years, things have changed. Everything is becoming so modernised, remixes and remakes and redesigns and refurbishments and etc, etc. But keeping everything aside, even the Nasheeds have become so modernised that now instead of staying still while listening to a Nasheed, fingers are tapped and heads are nodded with the beat of the music!

Yesterday, I was driving back home from university, and on every Friday, the Asian Radio Station of Glasgow, AwazFM does a Friday show in the afternoon. When I get in the car, start the engine, the radio starts off, and ‘kina sona tenu rab ney banaya’ song is playing on the radio but in another voice that I don’t recognise. I driver off and start to wonder why there is no Friday show on, and how could AwazFM management put a music show on during the Jummah time. I start to tap my fingers on the steering wheel, and it is a natural reaction of my fingers to the beat of the song, but while I’m enjoying the song and making my fingers dance on its beat, the singer mentions something along the lines ‘tu kabaah di madinay di ronak’ and I’m struck with the realisation that it’s not a song playing but actually a Naat! My fingers suddenly come to a halt and I pullover the car at a side to cover my head with the scarf, which ironically seemed like a weird thing to do when the Naat sounded more like a song and less like a Naat. It didn’t make me feel anything at all, because every time a string played in my ear, it sounded like another remix version of Legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song ‘Kina sona tenu’ and the way the singer sang it shocked me. All sort of musical instruments were used, and the tune of it was exactly like the song, I mean what on earth is this all about?

Why have we jeopardised this aspect of our life so much that now there seems no difference between what’s real and what’s fake? So much homunculus has been added into ‘the’ only pure thing that we have been blessed with is, for me, corruption in faith. For example, I will give an example of a Glasgow based Naat Khawan (I personally don’t like to call him that because he’s more of a singer and model than a Naat Khawan), Milad Qadri, you can check out one of his Naats (, keeping aside the actual lyrics, but what’s with the music and tune of this Naat? I mean, seriously? And if that’s not all, he has even posed for the camera at various occasions and has his pictures going around youtube along with his Naats ( In my defence, I will admit that I’m not the most religious person myself, and I never claimed to be either, and hence I won’t even go into details about where he is and many like him are going wrong, but isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it their responsibility to make sure that they represent Islam in the most authentic and accurate and as humbly as possible? These Naat khawans, copying the melodies and music of bollywood songs, and in some of the videos, it looks like they took a runner from their own wedding to come for the recording, one word – Pathetic. And I can’t seem to grasp the point as to why would people do something so hypocritical? These Mullahs, Molvis, and self-claim religious people are polluting people’s mind with hatred against Non-Muslims and yet they are adapting their methods to make the money, where is the Islamic morality here?

This person is one amongst many more who have made such a pious thing into money making scheme, and they don’t even feel guilty about it. And the ignorance of people is so appalling that they not just like these Naats but also encourage them to keep up the ‘good’ work, how is polluting something ‘Islamic’ with ‘Un-Islamic’ ingredients a ‘good’ work? What I find more appalling is that Milad Qadri is Tahir ul Qadri’s student, and I’m pretty much sure that Mr Tahir ul Qadri must have given some fatwa at some point on music, that it’s haram, then how is it that his own students are so ignorant about this issue?
I want someone, anyone, to give me an explanation about this, is there any? For me, I’m not really concerned about these hypocrites, but my point of concern are the people, their ignorance. We make them, we give rise to this hypocrisy of self proclaimed scholars and religious people because we follow them blindly without even consulting with the only book of Truth. Who is to be blamed? We are!

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Do we really need “Life Skill based Education”?

In Britain, every year millions are spent on raising awareness about sex education, and on ‘trying’ to control the rising numbers of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Every year I get a massive book delivered to my house from my local surgery, containing information about sexually transmitted diseases, ways to avoid teenage pregnancy, and precautions to avoid ‘unplanned’ babies. However, despite the fact that these governments have spent millions on these issues, there is still not a positive outcome. The awareness campaigns and classes, and books have not made an iota of difference to the rising number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. I find it very ironic; governments spending millions on ‘trying’ to reduce these issues, while the media is also spending if not millions then a big chunk of money on adding more glamour to sex. In countries like Britain, or say America, or any other European country and Non-Muslim country, it is understandable when such campaigns and classes and awareness books are introduced and published. But, in a Muslim country, publication of such book without any religious backup, and adding it in the school books tends to trigger much speculation amongst people, particularly parents, and religious groups.

A certain book, said to be rather controversial, approved by the Sindh government has caused much speculation amongst the people. While some oppose the idea of educating the children about precautions during sex, and other health issues caused by unsafe sex which should not even be mentioned to the children before a certain age and without the religious background, some favour this. Some even suggest making the outlet of the book more religious and less controversial. Some aggressively opposing it, that we don’t need such awareness as it will pollute the mind of the young, and some suggesting that it is a good step in the right direction, that it will help youngsters to be more ‘careful’ while getting involved into sexual intercourse. My question is not just whether it’s a positive step or not, my question is, what good would we have out of it when in our culture, sexual activity before marriage is not even allowed? But I’m not naïve, I’m well aware of such things happening even in Pakistan, and the extent of such activities is worrying, not just for the health of individuals but also worrying for us as a society, as a culture, as followers of Islam. And this begs the question whether we need more education on safe sex, or education on morals and ethics and religion? The current situations of Pakistan beg just that.

My personal view on this is that it is partially a good step. Partially, because it is important to educate people, married and unmarried, about such issues while our society is too illiterate to know that unsafe sex is harmful not just for the health of individuals but can also be passed on to their spouses. People need to be taught regarding these issues to avoid any fatal health issues that are transmitted sexually. Although, I think it should be done more religiously and less controversially. While such things are being explored by our younger generation through internet, and porn, and many such wrong sources, it is important to ensure that people are informed about the fatal and negative consequences of such activities in more restricted and cautious manner. We need not anyone tell us about the things that our religion already warns us about. Islam restricts us from such and such activities, because it causes such and such issues – how simple and less controversial is that?

When I read this story ( on the Daily Times website, my first reaction was ‘What, seriously?’ and then I read the similar story on facebook, posted by one of the Pakistani pages. The response by many members was outrageous. Some opposing it and some supporting it, and my personal response was, why would we need a book, which was publish under the same title “Life Skill Based Education” which is being run by the World Population Foundation? Shouldn’t we have an Islamic view on such issues; shouldn’t we be taught this by our parents and teachers keeping the Islamic teachings in mind? A member of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ page on facebook, where this story was uploaded, posted a very interesting comment saying;

‘6th graders, should be taught that it IS PERMISSABLE AFTER MARRIAGE! Not before, I mean why on Earth are they teaching about sexual health. I mean isn’t it obvious, they’re trying to make our younger generation more curious. They’d defect from their religion, 6th graders, are so young, they hardly know much about their religion at all and teaching them this from that age, will of course set them away from the right path. And will make them curious to find out more, and internet is the best source for getting information on anything, and we all know how unsafe internet is. Children can be lead to porn sites, which will cause more damage to their brain.’

I strongly agree with the above comment. Kids have found out about the things they are not supposed to learn before a certain age through misuse of internet and other porno sites. In such scenario it is very important that children are taught about the negative consequences of these actions, but not just concerning the health issues, also the religious aspect of it. Sex education is not just for unmarried people, it is just as important to follow for married couples.

However, another member goes on to comment;

‘The actual course books are not even available in the market, the books that are important, and the Sindh government is spending money on publishing such books that are not even needed.’

Spot on!

To conclude, what’s more important today for our society is to promote more moral and religious education. Sex education is important, indeed, but the method designed and approved by the Sindh government is entirely wrong. Perhaps a book with religious ideologies behind this topic would have been a lot more beneficial for this society that lacks the moral values. Follow the story ( and you’ll know what I mean. The figures in the report are absolutely astonishing, and sickening. Would a book containing information on safe sex program help to reduce this shockingly high number? I’ll let you do the math. I would also recomment everyone to read another blog post (‘s’-word/) to get a better idea about why this step should have been taken long ago. The writer has written a very thorough piece on this issue and it needs to be read, acknowledged and shared.

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We are the winners.

After all the hype and media craze about Pakistan VS India match, it finally comes to an end with India’s victory and Pakistan’s defeat. However, I’m not going to moan here about Pakistan’s defeat, or point out the reasons why Pakistan lost and what they should have done to ensure that they seal the victory. I’m going to look at the bright side of it, which is, after a long and a really long time, Pakistanis all over the world came together under one platform and for one thing – their love for cricket. We needed this unity after the years of crisis amongst different groups in Pakistan. We won the unity, and we won our reputation and dignity back. Let’s consider the past that Pakistani team has had over the past couple of years, so many conspiracies, so many scandals, and so much defamation that it seemed inevitable to even revive back to the respect that we had lost. But Pakistani Cricket team went to India and reached Semi-Finals which is an achievement in itself. We showed the cricket world out there that no matter what they throw at us, we are always going to retaliate back and maintain our reputation as the world’s only unpredictable team ever, because just when everyone thinks that Pakistan cricket team is doomed and too defamed to show their faces, we prove the world wrong and rise above with pride and grace.

We had a team that lost many series, that had players accused and convicted of match-fixing, a wicket-keeper that ran away for God knows what reasons, global humiliation of not just the team but also of Pakistan for more than just one reason, a supposedly weak in performance and unity team, lack of confidence and support from all other cricket teams, new scandals and bans on players – who would’ve ever thought that we would make it to the semi-finals with flying scores. Isn’t that something to be proud of? For me, it is.

So what if we didn’t win this match? So what if our team is coming back home empty handed? So what if we don’t get to celebrate the victory that we had initially prepared for and had predicted? We prayed together, we watched the match together. And if we had won, we would have celebrated together. But we lost, so we’re sad together. At least we’ve done something together despite of all the differences in people, and that’s what we’ve achieved from this match in particular. All the Pakistanis from across the globe came together, and this unity is our best achievement. So let’s cherish the bright side of this match and World Cup as a whole, because if we try harder, we can still kick some asses. We can still hold our heads high up and be proud of our team and welcome them back with full support because they have brought happiness and joys to this nation in present scenario where all we were suffering from was disappointment and despair. This match has awaken the youth up again and brought out their patriotism. That’s what makes me proud of this Nation and our Team. We haven’t lost, we have won our grace and dignity back.

There is one thing to criticise here is the hype that media caused by telecasting the same thing over and over again and by showing people what the fake peers and maulvies and astrologers predicted. Shouldn’t we already know that nobody can predict what the next moment would bring for us, that we had to rely on these predictions and raise our hopes?
However, I feel very bad for the parrot that got killed for predicting Pakistan’s victory. The poor animal was just playing April fool before time and had to pay the price of his life. Poor bird, may his soul rest in peace.

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Justice for Mughees and Muneeb.

‘More than six months ago two children were mercilessly beaten to death till their blood was literally drained out of their bodies when they were hung up for display as if they were prizes from a hunting game. They actually were prizes in somebody’s life once, their mother’s, the mother who used to look after them every second of her existence and now does not know what to do with her time. They were prizes for their nine year old sister who used to run to the older brother, Mughees, a handsome youth of 18, when the younger brother, Muneeb, a sprightly child of 16, used to annoy his little sister out of adoration. They were also prizes for their now aging father because they used to shoulder his each and every burden, shoulders that now droop with the agony of having lost two sons within his own lifetime.

They were beaten with every possible instrument, on every possible part of their bodies by everybody surrounding them. When I say everybody, I mean everybody. I mean not only the mob of almost 20, or the men bathing in the futility of their police uniforms, or the men barely containing themselves in their disguise of ‘human beings’ as they apathetically stood and watched. I mean you and me as well. We were part of that mob that day and we still are today as half a year has passed and their murderers are resting without punishment.

If the day of 15th August, 2010 wasn’t enough for me then six months from that day was. I needed to do something about it not just because every minute of my guilty existence in my own skin felt like torture but because they were my own children. I have children of my own as well but Mughees and Muneeb are my children from a bond of humanity I have never been able to feel before. It hurts more to lose them because I never saw them grow up, I never got to memorize their smiles or their habits. Losing them has been more painful because as every day passes they become more alive to me and their loss becomes more real. And if this is how I feel I cannot even begin to imagine what their mother feels. That is why I needed to do something.

I decided to have a protest in Manchester. Being an ex-pat, I had mixed feelings towards this effort of mine. We live far away from our home as it is and as we live here we gain strength from that the fact that we work for our country from here. We do not want to bring a bad name to our country but to improve its conditions. So this protest was not a protest against Pakistan but against what has hijacked Pakistan and taken what it means to be Pakistani from us. Being a Pakistani does not mean standing in a crowd and watching children get murdered. It does not mean ignoring the cry of a mother who has lost her only two sons for six months. It also does not mean ignoring the God-given and judicial rights of human beings especially when the facts are so blatantly clear-cut. This protest was not only meant to reveal the reality about the brutal murder and it’s follow up, to raise the issue again in a muffled and silenced society, but to take back what it means to be a Pakistani from those murderers. Being a Pakistani means not to stand by and watch as someone suffers in pain, regardless of their relation to you. It means to not let anyone have injustices committed against them. It means to join hands and unite under impossible circumstances as we have time and time again in earthquakes, floods, suicide bombings, drone attacks, and now in these dark times where public lynching have become the threat that hits nearest to home.’

The above was written by Mrs. Khan, who went to all the extremes to organise this protest that took place in Manchester on 19th of March 2011. Even though I could not attend this event, I still felt like a huge part of it. This spirit, this enthusiasm by the people who took part in this protest was commendable. This is a message, especially for all those people living in Pakistan that it is time for you all to wake up too and fight for your rights. Because when justice becomes the choice of people in power, it is time to remind ourselves, as responsible, educated, and civilised citizens that we raise our voices for all those people who have suffered because of our silence. We remain silent because we think that it does not affect us, so we should not intervene, or that we have enough money to buy our rights. We should not buy something that is our right, and justice is every human being’s natural right to have. And we must not let the corrupted system snatch that from us. Because to let the ‘bad’ represent your ‘good’ is complete cowardness, and then to complain and yet hope for a better world is complete hypocrisy when you’re not even ready to work hard for a better world. The world outside cannot be a better place if your inside is not strong enough to stand against the wrong. You cannot silence the roars of negativity deafening your ears if you don’t raise your voice to ensure that it is positivity that echoes in this society.

P.S. Anyone interested in viewing the pictures from yesterday’s protest can check this album (!/album.php?fbid=189999334369962&id=141249905911572&aid=35768) on facebook.

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An Open Letter to Mr Rehman Malik.

Dear Mr Malik. 

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for becoming an internet sensation amongst the Pakistanis living in and outside Pakistan. In my facebook newsfeed, your video clip of the cabinet meeting has been posted by over 50 friends. And I’m sure like me, many others have noticed the same.  The video was posted by almost all Pakistani pages on facebook, everyone ridiculing you. It is a shame how you’re being accused of something that was the writer’s mistake and not yours. Nonetheless, it is, perhaps, the highest and fastest spread video of any Pakistani politician. Hence, accept my heartiest congratulations for this achievement. 

However, it is very unfortunate that like always, even now, your popularity level has risen more for all the wrong reasons. You’re again being accused of a mistake which wasn’t actually your fault. I mean blame the person who wrote the Surah wrong, why blame you, who only read what was written on the paper, right? I mean you’re educated enough to read, so I’m sure you couldn’t make that mistake. But don’t worry Mr Malik, the members in the cabinet laughed it off. Initially I thought you were telling some sort of a joke, but then I realised that the members were laughing at the aftermath of this, and what consequences the person would have to face who wrote the Surah for you to read. I’m sure you’ve sacked him, good, he deserves it. But, kindly arrange some teacher for him so that he doesn’t repeat this mistake again. And also, now when you hire someone new, kindly ensure that he’s educated enough to write to make it easier for you to read. Why don’t you hire one of the Mullah politicians, I’m sure they’d love to help you in this regard as it is obviously a very divine religious job. As I’m sure it must be very hard for you to recite Quran on daily basis, considering your busy schedule, worry not Mr Malik, I for one, would not curse you like the many others. I understand you have better things to  do, like partying, making schemes about how you can bag more money, after-all, you’re saving this money in your piggy bank to save the country from any financial crisis in the future, along with conspiring against the other evil politicians who are always criticising you, poor soul you are Mr Malik. My heart goes out to you! 

However, I’d like to give you one suggestion, why don’t you record another video of yourself and read the same surah more accurately this time? It will indeed become yet another Internet sensation and will exculpate you from all the blaming. The nation will not forgive you otherwise, as it seems that the system and nation has forgotten about divine retribution. And it’s not fair how everyone is forcefully trying to inflict this profanity on you. I’d suggest you to consider the suggestions above, my instincts tell me that your new video will be more than enough, like they say in Spanish, to olvidar (to forget) the mistakenly made mistake by you. 

Before I end my letter, accept my apologies for such fluent sarcasm. I’d advice you to get an interpreter in order to understand the sentiments I’m trying to convey in this letter. 

With Best Regards. 

Your well-wisher from Scotland. 

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Muslim hypocrisy or what?

The human nature is very biased, and there is an error that we all make – attribution error, we want the world to accept us and understand us based on our circumstances, but when we’re on the judge panel, we judge people based on their personality and beliefs. The error is deep rooted and runs further than this. Human nature is very intricate, and when it’s mixed with religious beliefs, it is sometimes beyond comprehension. Dr Afia Siddique, an innocent daughter of Pakistan framed in the web of America, because she is a Muslim, but Aasiya is guilty because she is a Christine, fortunately for us, but turns out to be the most unfortunate thing for her and her family. The supposedly Muslims in Aasiyas neighbourhood force her to convert to Islam, and when she refuses, the pickup fights with her over petty things, and eventually the fights in dribs and drabs catches the flame and ignites a fire in her life. She is beaten brutally, and then framed into a false accusation of blasphemy ( Aasiya tells a totally different story to what the other locals have to say, but perhaps the supporters of locals have ignored to see the fact that minority is always beaten by majority. A typical down class mohala, where there are hardly any sources of education and morality, blames her of blasphemy.

For over a few decades now, Muslims are perhaps the most misunderstood and misjudged people, and from my view, that is simply because Islam is the most malpractice religion. Those who rant about how Islam is a religion of peace and harmony go and order a death sentence to an innocent over verbal offence, which is perhaps not even true. And even if it was true, did it kill someone? Was it harming someone so severely that death sentence was the only option left? Why it is that, Muslims rant so vehemently about how peaceful Islam is, but in practical they are the ones contradicting it? I’m not going to get into great detail about what Islam is and isn’t, I’m not going to use any Quranic reference here, because I’m not a religious scholar. It is not up to me to decide that this verse means this hence I should do this, and that verse allows us to kill any non believers hence I should keep my weapons loaded. All I know is that, Islam ‘is’ a religion of peace, love, harmony, and tolerance. And how can a religion claiming everything that is perfect for a peaceful society, allow an ordinary Muslim to kill another ordinary non Muslim over something like this? Can anyone bring me any incident from islamic history to highlight the particular scenario where Prophet Muhammad got someone killed because he spoke vile about him or Allah? Can you give me the number of people killed due to this same reason? Can you bring one incident from history where some non Muslim insulted Prophet Muhammad and he ordered the army to attack him for passing blasphemous comments to him or Allah? If Islam allows to kill the innocents for speaking their mind according to what they’ve been born with, a different religion or culture, then Muslims should NOT rant about Islam being a religion peace!

Let us consider a scenario here, what if Britain had a law that no one is allowed to say anything against Jesus or holocaust, but I do, because I have a right to freedom of speech, would the Muslims around the world let me die silently because it is a law in a Christine society? Wouldn’t the Muslims be going mad? If no, then why protest against America regarding Dr Afia, what makes her innocent in the eyes of these Muslims? Oh wait, that is because she is a Muslim, nothing else is needed here to give testimony of her innocence, being Muslim is enough, right? Why so much hypocrisy from the Muslims? I know people are perhaps going to comment here with verses from Quran and Hadiths to say that I’m in the wrong, and that I should also consider my spirituality and religious knowledge as a Muslim, all I have to say to them is, I will kill some non Muslim if s/he is a physical threat to me, but if s/he has something out of utter ignorance, my duty is to reason with them as much as I can, not get them beaten up and then frame into an ugly conspiracy and then get them hanged to death. Islam is a religion of peace, let it be that, do not make and implement the laws that are more manmade and less Islamic. A person is a human first, and then follower of some religion, and we must respect people as human and not as what religion they belong to.

The Muslims killed Christians some years ago in Pakistan, I happened to be in Pakistan and I visited that place, the houses were burnt with such dangerous chemicals that even the fans were melted, I was there, I visited those places and all I could smell was the hypocrisy we muslims show! It wasn’t the Christians that were killed; such Muslims kill their own religion by being a part of such vile and aggressive acts. How can you even justify such barbarism? Killing an innocent who was framed into false accusations, and then justifying it because it is the law, is not what Islam is. I’m not a religious scholar, no, nor am I the kind of Muslim that I should be. I probably don’t know about Islam as much as some people reading it might do, but I do know that Islam cannot be a religion of peace if it permits an ordinary Muslim to kill an ordinary non Muslim over something like this.

A question is begged here, where is the morality in this society? Is this the true practicing of Islam?

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We as Pakistanis are suffering from mental poverty.

“The most important step that Pakistan can take is to pass meaningful reforms that can expand its tax base,” Clinton said while talking to reporters in Brussels after the meeting. “I know how difficult it is, but it is absolutely unacceptable for those with means in Pakistan not to be doing their fair share to help their own people.”

The original news article can be read here ( I couldn’t agree less with what Clinton has said. Accountability is needed across the board from all rich politicians more for the nation’s well being and even more so for a country like Pakistan whose track record is questionable in proper and authentic utilization of funds. Hillary Clinton has unveiled the dirty faces of our rulers, which we already know about, the politicians who boast about how much they love the country and how hard they are trying to serve the people but in reality are just trying to lock as much of treasure as they can in their piggy banks while they are clutching the government in to their hypocritical policies. This is a really pathetic and worrying situation, particularly at the time when country has been struck with another big disaster, and it’s going to take uncountable years to build again. But on the other side we have an uncountable number of ministers who are fully enjoying and are absolutely content on robbing the wealth of poor nation. The ministers who used to live in down class ‘mohalas’ before coming in the government have now moved to bungalows in high class posh areas ( And when they’re not bagging any money, which is very less likely to happen, they’re usually busy doing what they are best at, making vile attacks on one and another of ‘this’ and ‘that’. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate the ‘this’ and ‘that’ more, as we’re all aware of the state our political system is in.

On the other hand, the book ‘Obama’s war’ ( has also revealed many, rather hilarious for them and worrying for us, facts about Pakistani government and politicians. To rub it even more in, the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has also tried to show us the mirror ( This is a very shameful impact that our present and past governments have made on the world. Not just on the world, but also on the Pakistani nation. The corrupted political system, the slow and manipulated judiciary system, the poverty, the lack of education, lack of moral and ethics, stigmatised integrity have pushed the Pakistani nation into an abyss of despair and disappointment. We think what this country needs is a clean and transparent government, which is never going to be possible. We think we need the money to sort the problems out that we are facing these days, what we don’t realise is that the money is going to play only a small iota of difference in making this country a better place to live in.

I ask you a question, if, which is not going to turn in to a reality but let’s just dream about it, that the rich decide to pay the taxes according to the law, and the ministers cut down their expenses and all this money goes for charity and relief work, how much would this help the Pakistani society? Will it decrease the increasing rate of poverty? And is it really the poverty that we have to fight to bring this country into a stable position? If so, what poverty do we need to fight first, the financial poverty, or the mental poverty?

Yes, I have just classified poverty into two forms, and I personally believe that we are suffering more from the mental poverty and less from financial poverty. Words like peace, justice, harmony, ethics, integrity and above all humanity have become alien to this society. We are living in a shell of our own, and believing in and supporting only what’s in our personal benefit. The Mushraf supporters are ready to hand this country over to him again, to the man who had N.I.N.E years to realise and then rectify his mistakes but didn’t bother as he was too intoxicated with greed and drunk with power. We handed over our country to the man whose track record was of a ‘robber’. We came out on roads to bring the Chief Justice of Pakistan back on his position, and now that he’s back, we are not utilizing our efforts made for him. We’re not demanding justice from him for this society which has been poisoned by the human like animals, the animals that murdered humanity in Sialkot (, the animals that dragged and played about with a dead human and then shaabash’ed the police officer that allowed the animals to play ‘hit and drag’ game with the dead human body ( We allowed the corruption to instil a dead conscious in us, we allowed the authorities to mingle with our daily lives, and we’re allowing the so-called molvis to pollute our approach towards people from different sectors and religions. In short, we’re allowing every Tom, Dick, and Harry to play with our emotions, and our beloved country.

This mental poverty is corrupting us to such an extreme that we have forgotten, or have chosen to ignore what’s right for this country as a whole, and only chose to side with what’s right for our personal requirements. We are busy making our lives comfortable for ourselves and harder for others. We, as Pakistanis, are sick with mental poverty. The virus is spreading fast, and very less is being done to eradicate the deep rooted poverty in our conscious.

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