A pathetically well-planned strategy of US, will it work?

Today when the Muslim Ummah from across the globe is facing America’s
and West’s planned strategies of defamation of Islam and Muslims, the
86 or 76 sentence on 7 counts for Dr Afia Siddiqui is just another
pathetically well planned strategy of US. It’s a well planned trick to
aggravate Muslims from all around the world to get an angry reaction
from Muslim Ummah, particularly Muslims living in Pakistan and abroad.

The west knows that the sentence chosen for Dr Afia will cause a
massive disappointment in Muslims, there will be protests, there will
be riots and there will be much more ‘spice’
that west media is looking for. Maybe some extreme reaction from some
very religious movements or parties. There can be many predictions
about it.

US has saved itself a universal insult and tag of hypocrisy by giving
sentence to Dr Afia. Had US released her from all chargers, the label
of ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists’ would have had a huge ripped hole in
it. The world that believes US to be right in it’s fight against
terrorism would have seen the real face of it’s hypocrisy and twisted
facts. The fact that Afia was kept in the jail for so long and
eventually given a sentence which her coming generations will also
have to suffer, clearly indicates what US is intending to do. And that
is to cause a havoc in Muslims, instigate them to come out and vent
their anger on roads, burn and break cars and trucks and properties.
The rest of the job is up to the west media to portray Muslims as
aggressive, violent, intolerant, and extremists.

To be honest, I won’t be too surprised if I wake up one morning and
hear that 9/11 history is repeating itself, with the same victims and
same planners. It’s a mastermind plan. Anyone with a brain can see the
strategy behind it. The 9/11 history might repeat itself, and Muslims
would be blamed ‘again’ because they have every reason to be blamed,
according to US, and the western media which is always biased when it
comes to Muslims.

Is it only me, or is someone out there thinks the same? It took the
Muslims years to build up their dignity again, to come out of the
shell that was build around the Muslims after 9/11. Although we
haven’t been able to completely breakthrough it, but things aren’t as
bad as they were in early times after 9/11. We have managed to thin
down the thick dust, which was literally thrown at us, but it could
now be thicker again. We could be facing another strategical attack on
Muslim community.

How will we overcome this now? Will we be able to survive this
horrendous strike on your dignity, faith and belief? Honestly, I’m
don’t know. Who knows? Is this strategy going to work?


About Lapsus Calami

I believe I have a voice that should be heard. I believe I write words that should be read. I believe I'm change, and hence my efforts to bring change.
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