Individuals bringing a change!

I have always believed in individualism. An Individual striving to be a better person on a personal or professional level, patriotic individual( struggling to make their country a better place without caring about the government’s corruption, individuals fighting to keep humanity alive and so on. The history has shown that the change always started from one mind and inspired the rest. Over the past couple of months I have been closely studying and observing the Pakistani people, specially youth’s approach to Pakistan. Over the internet, on blogs, on facebook, twitter, or any social network, I have seen people writing long paragraphs and talking about revolution and change. I would say if one set out to put those words in action, Pakistan would be like heaven on earth. But, what I have noticed is, this is 80% limited to a verbal level, and only 20% on practical level. Why?

Everyone talks about a great change and revolution. Great things take time to happen. But they need great spirits and great efforts. We can’t just expect some magic to bring the change everyone wants to see. We have to make an individual effort to make sure that we are contributing for a great cause. Every little matters, and every little makes a difference. Everyone is the little pebble that creates a chaotic splash in the sea. Imagine what would happen if we all unite together and stand strongly. Pebbles make mountains, together we are the mountain. We have to be the change this country and Pakistani society needs!

We need reconsideration of our role as a Pakistani citizen and part of this society. We all speak about change, we all want change, but very few of us have actually worked on it in practical. Each one of us has to try and make an individual effort, be an individual representative of their country. It takes an individual to inspire another individual and that’s when unity comes in. This is what we need now. Individual effort on a united level (

What made me a patriotic Pakistani was the day when I moved to United Kingdom. It was like a wakeup call for me to identify and appreciate and protect my identity. It is my responsibility to make sure that I do all that I can to make myself a better Pakistani, a proud Pakistani. I have been reading several Pakistani blogs and articles, I have also been observing some very large Pakistani pages on Facebook, and what I have concluded is that we need an individual change before we bring a major change. Individuals have to recognise their roles of being a Pakistani, whether they live in or outside Pakistan, they have to remind themselves that they are representing Pakistan on a bigger level. People talk about a bigger change, a historic revolution but how is that possible when we are not even recognising our roles as a Pakistani. Individuals have to come forward with their patriotism, with their skills and education, with their enthusiasm. History has shown that it was never a majority that brought the change; it was the minority starting from an individual’s struggles to unite the nation under one platform and fight for the betterment of their lives. Majority is never remembered in history, it’s only a minority of people that have left their marks and changed the form of history.

However, I have also come across some people who started alone with their efforts and now have hundreds and thousands of people helping them out in their efforts to make Pakistan a better place. They don’t care about what the government is doing, they don’t care about what promises politicians are making to fulfil once they come in power. They care only about what they are doing for a better Pakistan (!/event.php?eid=151262658224218). I have a few friends who are working day and night along with their team to help the poor people of Pakistan, to educate the future of Pakistan – children, being the sons to the mothers who have lost their sons for one reason or another. Fighting for justice (!/pages/Justice-for-Mughees-and-Muneeb/141249905911572?ref=ts) for people who were alone in their fight. These people are away from the camera’s eye, there’s no media to highlight their efforts, but they deserve acknowledgement and encouragement. My this blog post is dedicated to all those people I know and don’t know, because whether we know what you’re doing for our society or don’t know, you’re being rewarded by God. And we all need to learn something from such selfless people who are the true representatives of Pakistan.

The choice to make or break Pakistan is yours.


About Lapsus Calami

I believe I have a voice that should be heard. I believe I write words that should be read. I believe I'm change, and hence my efforts to bring change.
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One Response to Individuals bringing a change!

  1. Ehteshaam says:

    This is a great piece, I visited all the links and its amazing how much help some people are providing. And hats off to you for acknowledging them. 🙂

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