Muslim hypocrisy or what?

The human nature is very biased, and there is an error that we all make – attribution error, we want the world to accept us and understand us based on our circumstances, but when we’re on the judge panel, we judge people based on their personality and beliefs. The error is deep rooted and runs further than this. Human nature is very intricate, and when it’s mixed with religious beliefs, it is sometimes beyond comprehension. Dr Afia Siddique, an innocent daughter of Pakistan framed in the web of America, because she is a Muslim, but Aasiya is guilty because she is a Christine, fortunately for us, but turns out to be the most unfortunate thing for her and her family. The supposedly Muslims in Aasiyas neighbourhood force her to convert to Islam, and when she refuses, the pickup fights with her over petty things, and eventually the fights in dribs and drabs catches the flame and ignites a fire in her life. She is beaten brutally, and then framed into a false accusation of blasphemy ( Aasiya tells a totally different story to what the other locals have to say, but perhaps the supporters of locals have ignored to see the fact that minority is always beaten by majority. A typical down class mohala, where there are hardly any sources of education and morality, blames her of blasphemy.

For over a few decades now, Muslims are perhaps the most misunderstood and misjudged people, and from my view, that is simply because Islam is the most malpractice religion. Those who rant about how Islam is a religion of peace and harmony go and order a death sentence to an innocent over verbal offence, which is perhaps not even true. And even if it was true, did it kill someone? Was it harming someone so severely that death sentence was the only option left? Why it is that, Muslims rant so vehemently about how peaceful Islam is, but in practical they are the ones contradicting it? I’m not going to get into great detail about what Islam is and isn’t, I’m not going to use any Quranic reference here, because I’m not a religious scholar. It is not up to me to decide that this verse means this hence I should do this, and that verse allows us to kill any non believers hence I should keep my weapons loaded. All I know is that, Islam ‘is’ a religion of peace, love, harmony, and tolerance. And how can a religion claiming everything that is perfect for a peaceful society, allow an ordinary Muslim to kill another ordinary non Muslim over something like this? Can anyone bring me any incident from islamic history to highlight the particular scenario where Prophet Muhammad got someone killed because he spoke vile about him or Allah? Can you give me the number of people killed due to this same reason? Can you bring one incident from history where some non Muslim insulted Prophet Muhammad and he ordered the army to attack him for passing blasphemous comments to him or Allah? If Islam allows to kill the innocents for speaking their mind according to what they’ve been born with, a different religion or culture, then Muslims should NOT rant about Islam being a religion peace!

Let us consider a scenario here, what if Britain had a law that no one is allowed to say anything against Jesus or holocaust, but I do, because I have a right to freedom of speech, would the Muslims around the world let me die silently because it is a law in a Christine society? Wouldn’t the Muslims be going mad? If no, then why protest against America regarding Dr Afia, what makes her innocent in the eyes of these Muslims? Oh wait, that is because she is a Muslim, nothing else is needed here to give testimony of her innocence, being Muslim is enough, right? Why so much hypocrisy from the Muslims? I know people are perhaps going to comment here with verses from Quran and Hadiths to say that I’m in the wrong, and that I should also consider my spirituality and religious knowledge as a Muslim, all I have to say to them is, I will kill some non Muslim if s/he is a physical threat to me, but if s/he has something out of utter ignorance, my duty is to reason with them as much as I can, not get them beaten up and then frame into an ugly conspiracy and then get them hanged to death. Islam is a religion of peace, let it be that, do not make and implement the laws that are more manmade and less Islamic. A person is a human first, and then follower of some religion, and we must respect people as human and not as what religion they belong to.

The Muslims killed Christians some years ago in Pakistan, I happened to be in Pakistan and I visited that place, the houses were burnt with such dangerous chemicals that even the fans were melted, I was there, I visited those places and all I could smell was the hypocrisy we muslims show! It wasn’t the Christians that were killed; such Muslims kill their own religion by being a part of such vile and aggressive acts. How can you even justify such barbarism? Killing an innocent who was framed into false accusations, and then justifying it because it is the law, is not what Islam is. I’m not a religious scholar, no, nor am I the kind of Muslim that I should be. I probably don’t know about Islam as much as some people reading it might do, but I do know that Islam cannot be a religion of peace if it permits an ordinary Muslim to kill an ordinary non Muslim over something like this.

A question is begged here, where is the morality in this society? Is this the true practicing of Islam?


About Lapsus Calami

I believe I have a voice that should be heard. I believe I write words that should be read. I believe I'm change, and hence my efforts to bring change.
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One Response to Muslim hypocrisy or what?

  1. Ali Sarfraz says:

    I will say Muslim hypocrisy

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