We are the winners.

After all the hype and media craze about Pakistan VS India match, it finally comes to an end with India’s victory and Pakistan’s defeat. However, I’m not going to moan here about Pakistan’s defeat, or point out the reasons why Pakistan lost and what they should have done to ensure that they seal the victory. I’m going to look at the bright side of it, which is, after a long and a really long time, Pakistanis all over the world came together under one platform and for one thing – their love for cricket. We needed this unity after the years of crisis amongst different groups in Pakistan. We won the unity, and we won our reputation and dignity back. Let’s consider the past that Pakistani team has had over the past couple of years, so many conspiracies, so many scandals, and so much defamation that it seemed inevitable to even revive back to the respect that we had lost. But Pakistani Cricket team went to India and reached Semi-Finals which is an achievement in itself. We showed the cricket world out there that no matter what they throw at us, we are always going to retaliate back and maintain our reputation as the world’s only unpredictable team ever, because just when everyone thinks that Pakistan cricket team is doomed and too defamed to show their faces, we prove the world wrong and rise above with pride and grace.

We had a team that lost many series, that had players accused and convicted of match-fixing, a wicket-keeper that ran away for God knows what reasons, global humiliation of not just the team but also of Pakistan for more than just one reason, a supposedly weak in performance and unity team, lack of confidence and support from all other cricket teams, new scandals and bans on players – who would’ve ever thought that we would make it to the semi-finals with flying scores. Isn’t that something to be proud of? For me, it is.

So what if we didn’t win this match? So what if our team is coming back home empty handed? So what if we don’t get to celebrate the victory that we had initially prepared for and had predicted? We prayed together, we watched the match together. And if we had won, we would have celebrated together. But we lost, so we’re sad together. At least we’ve done something together despite of all the differences in people, and that’s what we’ve achieved from this match in particular. All the Pakistanis from across the globe came together, and this unity is our best achievement. So let’s cherish the bright side of this match and World Cup as a whole, because if we try harder, we can still kick some asses. We can still hold our heads high up and be proud of our team and welcome them back with full support because they have brought happiness and joys to this nation in present scenario where all we were suffering from was disappointment and despair. This match has awaken the youth up again and brought out their patriotism. That’s what makes me proud of this Nation and our Team. We haven’t lost, we have won our grace and dignity back.

There is one thing to criticise here is the hype that media caused by telecasting the same thing over and over again and by showing people what the fake peers and maulvies and astrologers predicted. Shouldn’t we already know that nobody can predict what the next moment would bring for us, that we had to rely on these predictions and raise our hopes?
However, I feel very bad for the parrot that got killed for predicting Pakistan’s victory. The poor animal was just playing April fool before time and had to pay the price of his life. Poor bird, may his soul rest in peace.


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I believe I have a voice that should be heard. I believe I write words that should be read. I believe I'm change, and hence my efforts to bring change.
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