Naat with a Bollywood twist.

There was a time, decades ago, when the sound of a Naat used to give me goose bumps. Every time there was a Naat playing on the Radio, Tv, or in my school assembly, it was like an automated system for my head to bow down in gratitude to Almighty and cross my arms around my chest so hardly that I often felt suffocated. It was the immense effect of the words, and the deep voice that often sent the shivers down my spine. Just to keep the eyes closed and feel the words of any Nasheed was like a boost for mind and soul. However, over the past couple of years, things have changed. Everything is becoming so modernised, remixes and remakes and redesigns and refurbishments and etc, etc. But keeping everything aside, even the Nasheeds have become so modernised that now instead of staying still while listening to a Nasheed, fingers are tapped and heads are nodded with the beat of the music!

Yesterday, I was driving back home from university, and on every Friday, the Asian Radio Station of Glasgow, AwazFM does a Friday show in the afternoon. When I get in the car, start the engine, the radio starts off, and ‘kina sona tenu rab ney banaya’ song is playing on the radio but in another voice that I don’t recognise. I driver off and start to wonder why there is no Friday show on, and how could AwazFM management put a music show on during the Jummah time. I start to tap my fingers on the steering wheel, and it is a natural reaction of my fingers to the beat of the song, but while I’m enjoying the song and making my fingers dance on its beat, the singer mentions something along the lines ‘tu kabaah di madinay di ronak’ and I’m struck with the realisation that it’s not a song playing but actually a Naat! My fingers suddenly come to a halt and I pullover the car at a side to cover my head with the scarf, which ironically seemed like a weird thing to do when the Naat sounded more like a song and less like a Naat. It didn’t make me feel anything at all, because every time a string played in my ear, it sounded like another remix version of Legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song ‘Kina sona tenu’ and the way the singer sang it shocked me. All sort of musical instruments were used, and the tune of it was exactly like the song, I mean what on earth is this all about?

Why have we jeopardised this aspect of our life so much that now there seems no difference between what’s real and what’s fake? So much homunculus has been added into ‘the’ only pure thing that we have been blessed with is, for me, corruption in faith. For example, I will give an example of a Glasgow based Naat Khawan (I personally don’t like to call him that because he’s more of a singer and model than a Naat Khawan), Milad Qadri, you can check out one of his Naats (, keeping aside the actual lyrics, but what’s with the music and tune of this Naat? I mean, seriously? And if that’s not all, he has even posed for the camera at various occasions and has his pictures going around youtube along with his Naats ( In my defence, I will admit that I’m not the most religious person myself, and I never claimed to be either, and hence I won’t even go into details about where he is and many like him are going wrong, but isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it their responsibility to make sure that they represent Islam in the most authentic and accurate and as humbly as possible? These Naat khawans, copying the melodies and music of bollywood songs, and in some of the videos, it looks like they took a runner from their own wedding to come for the recording, one word – Pathetic. And I can’t seem to grasp the point as to why would people do something so hypocritical? These Mullahs, Molvis, and self-claim religious people are polluting people’s mind with hatred against Non-Muslims and yet they are adapting their methods to make the money, where is the Islamic morality here?

This person is one amongst many more who have made such a pious thing into money making scheme, and they don’t even feel guilty about it. And the ignorance of people is so appalling that they not just like these Naats but also encourage them to keep up the ‘good’ work, how is polluting something ‘Islamic’ with ‘Un-Islamic’ ingredients a ‘good’ work? What I find more appalling is that Milad Qadri is Tahir ul Qadri’s student, and I’m pretty much sure that Mr Tahir ul Qadri must have given some fatwa at some point on music, that it’s haram, then how is it that his own students are so ignorant about this issue?
I want someone, anyone, to give me an explanation about this, is there any? For me, I’m not really concerned about these hypocrites, but my point of concern are the people, their ignorance. We make them, we give rise to this hypocrisy of self proclaimed scholars and religious people because we follow them blindly without even consulting with the only book of Truth. Who is to be blamed? We are!


About Lapsus Calami

I believe I have a voice that should be heard. I believe I write words that should be read. I believe I'm change, and hence my efforts to bring change.
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