Social Networks or Trouble Networks?

Social Networks or Trouble Networks?

While the Social Network sites are making their founders million and billionaires, on the other hand it has created troubles for many of its users. Or should I say many have created troubles for themselves and others around them through the sites? I think I would choose the later. From my view, the social networking sites have become an online gangster spot for many rebellious youngsters from around the globe or even made the older people act in a rather childish and immature way causing problems for their families (

While Vivek High School in India suspends 16 students for starting a thread containing vile remarks against a female teacher (, turns out this, however, is not the first time someone has put themselves or someone else in trouble through the social networking sites. Cyber bullying ( in particular has been putting several social networking sites into unending controversies. It has become a concern for both the parents and the School Managements, and Professional work places because of the way both teenagers and adults behave on the sites that cause problems for people outside internet world. Many cyber bully cases with astonishing statistics ( are emerging from the private messages on social network sites, the status updates causing psychological nerve wrecking traumas to such an extreme that one would even go to an extent of committing suicide ( ‘just’ because of a status update.

Although the social networking sites have been a recent invention, it has taken the use of internet to its peaks because of the popularity with people from all across the globe. Even though it has its good uses, it is also being used for personal, racial ( and religious attacks. It is increasingly becoming like a battlefield for some ‘biased’ individuals to attack another, and for the victim to fight for their defence. But, the question is, could an offensive or threatening comment made by an unknown or even known person really have such a disturbing effect on one’s conscious?

From a psychological perspective and statistically ((, cyber bullying ‘can’ sometimes cause worse emotional damage than conventional bullying, since anonymity of the attacker leaves the victim to doubt everyone around him/her, drops the level of confidence of an individual, instils the feeling that s/he is universally disliked, instead of just being the target of a few wannabe gangsters. The fact that people think they have the right to attack or bully someone because of the difference that they don’t appreciate or like is creating an immense emotional torture for individuals. The academic education is enabling people to use the technology, however, the lack of moral and ethical education has made individuals biased and intolerant towards the diversity and difference of opinions around them. On a level where technology is making it easier to access the worldwide information, to connect with distanced friends and families, yet putting the life of many in miserable state of mind (


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